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Fanny Holst Studio aims to create high-end sustainable fashion for women who wish to invest in durable quality pieces.

But what do we actually do? 

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"To be a sustainable business"

There is no secret that the fashion industry is a polluted one, the second-largest polluter in the world. If we can be a small part in changing, that we will. We aspire to be part of the change in the industry, to be a sustainable business.

We want to be open with our customers about how we do that. But remember, there is always room for improvement and we learn something new every day. We don't claim to be perfect, but we try and work as sustainably as we can and grow in the right direction.  Along the way hopefully, inspire others to do the same. 


Slow fashion

made to order and made to last

Our garments are made to order, which means we do not end up with wasted stock or use excess materials.  We don't want to overproduced and offer limited edition collections and tailored fit products.

All our garments are made in-house in Oslo.

Zero waste

We do not throw away anything.

All our scraps of materials are repurposed and used.

The leftover materials and scraps are made into new one-of-a-kind designs or reused for other projects.


We constantly try and find new exciting ways to reuse our leftovers. 


Sustainable fabrics

We mainly use organic and natural fibers for our designs that do not require chemicals to be produced.


If we use synthetic fibers we try and pick semi-synthetic, recycled, or deadstock fabrics. 


Sustainable shippings materials

The materials used to ship out orders are made from recycled content.

The tissue paper we use is made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial content, making it both recyclable and biodegradable.

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