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About Fanny Holst Studio


Fanny Holst Studio aims to create high-end sustainable fashion for women who wish to invest in durable quality pieces. Special garments made and tailored to all women. We offer handmade pieces as well as staple garments, all made to order and tailored to each customer.     


Our main focus is the different techniques and the handcraft that goes into making every garment. We want our customers to feel and see the human touch and craftsmanship in each piece. Our goal is to give our clientele the best fit, fabric, and durability.   


Norwegian fashion designer Fanny Holst founded Fanny Holst Studio after working in Paris and Oslo. She finished her BFA in Fashion Design at École Parsons à Paris (now Paris College of Art). The studios' debut collection "Draped in Smog" was shown at Brighton Fashion Week (UKs only sustainable fashion week).

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